Sky Dining in Chandigarh May Become a Reality Soon

UT Chandigarh administration is mulling over the idea of bringing sky dining to the city beautiful. The proposal is to open a restaurant hanging at a height of 165 ft from a crane. It will have capacity of 24 persons at any given time. 

Three locations – Sukhna Lake, Kaimbwala village and Leisure Valley – are proposed for the project but Forest Department raised objection with the sites at Sukhna Lake and Kaimbwala. UT Adviser Manoj Parida said a final decision on the terms and conditions and the site would be taken in a meeting soon.

DSH Bliss Adventures Pvt Ltd have brought the sky dining project in Chandigarh proposal. 

Daman Kapoor, Managing Director, maintained that it would take nearly 90 seconds for the visitors to reach the peak height or come back.  Group of visitors would stay mid-air for nearly 40 minutes. Adequate safety and security arrangements would be made. 

Kapoor said the price of the ticket would be finalised in a meeting with the UT officials, which could be in the range of Rs 2,500 to Rs 4,000. 

Source: The Tribune