Prisoner Threw Chilly Powder On Policemen & Escapes From General Hospital In Panchkula

This morning, a prisoner, accused of robbery, fled from General Hospital, sector 6, Panchkula throwing chilly powder in policemen’s eyes

The prisoner, Deepak Kumar, was brought from Ambala jail along with one more prisoner to the hospital for MRI. The prisoners were accompanied by 2 police teams. 

It is learnt that the two were aided by their accomplices who had come to the hospital on motorcycles. They fired gunshots which helped in their escape. The other prisoner is still in the hospital.

“Accomplices threw chilly powder on policemen. Gunshots were fired. The policemen chased them and there was scuffle also. We are investigating the case,” said the DCP Panchkula Ashok Kumar.

The chilly spay got mixed with centralized AC air and the smell spread in the whole hospital. The whole hospital had to be evacuated because of the smell.

Dr VK Bansal, chief medical officer, Panchkula, said that the emergency services will start after 2 pm.
Source: Hindustan Times