Principal Secy to UT Administrator Among 5, Found COVID-19 Positive in Punjab Raj Bhawan

In a two-day Covid testing exercise at Punjab Raj Bhawan using Rapid Antigen Test, 336 people were tested, which included security personnels, officials, staff members. 

Principal Secretary to UT Administrator JM Balamurugan was found COVID-19 positive. Four more were found positive for COVID-19. All have been home quarantined.

UT Administrator V P Singh Badnore and UT Advisor Manoj Parida have tested negative for COVID-19. 

The official spokesperson of Raj Bhawan in a press release has maintained that all necessary precautions and sanitisation of the premises are being done as per health advisories, protocols and doctors’ advice. 

Source: Punjab Raj Bhawan PR

Image Source: Twitter handle of UT Administrator (Warroom Meeting, Dated 29 July, 2020)