Pressure on Students. Isn’t It A Time We Concentrate on Their Mental Health Instead?

students pressure

It’s that time of the year when our young minds are under so much pressure that their happy cheerful faces draws wrinkles of tension and insomnia; yes it’s exams time.

I always wonder what we are teaching our kids? Learning is a pleasurable experience. It is an enlightening process. It is unlocking the doors of world unknown and in the process seeing yourself growing. But is it now? I remember how beyond school and classes, our conversation would include sharing interesting facts, exploring the world. On the other hand, now I have seen students who even hate the mention of their subjects the moment they are away from books.

Books are the source of theoretical knowledge and it’s in the world outside that we test and apply that knowledge.

Talk to teachers, parents, counselors, everybody is concerned about the stress on students to score well to get into premier institutes. The competition is so tough. Again there is a simple demand and supply law in action here.

In the process of educating them to sharpen their brains and preparing them for the tough competitive world outside, we have ignored strengthening their MENTAL HEALTH.

Do you know that academic pressure is the biggest stressor that is responsible for maximum suicides by students in India? Just a few days ago, there has been a news of suicide by a medical student in PGIMER and Mohali student killing himself as he performed bad in his physics exam. 

Students, this is for you:

Just a simple tricks that you need to incorporate in your routine and you can feel a reservoir of energy still at your disposal.

  • Walk in the woods: A half-an-hour stroll outside, breathing in fresh air can calm the senses. Take time to admire the nature, the wind blowing, the birds chirping and clouds changing its contours every now and then…

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  • Pick a sport or a hobby: Go for a rigorous sport, be it table-tennis, lawn tennis, squash, swimming, cricket, football, basketball. It will help you rejuvenate you.

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  • Meditate: Just spend time with yourself, listen to your heartbeat, you breathing in, breathing out. Sit calmly for some time. Listen to becalming music.

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  • Talk to others: Sharing your thoughts, doubts, fears with elders can really help you easing out your pressure. Many a times, your brain is just stuck over a simple problem, talking to someone will give you a ‘Eureka‘ feeling.

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  • Take help from professionals, if required: Fortunately, these days we have a whole army of professional counselors who provide guided therapy which only help you find yourself on your own. Psychologists, psychiatrists are no taboo. Never shy away from sharing your problems; mental health is infact more crucial than your physical health (Ever heard of Placebo?). There are dedicated helplines available which provide counselling 24X7 and there are also online therapy available too.

Don’t buckle up under stress and pressures as you grow. Take care of mind when you are working on your brain and you can excel at everything you want to.

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Good Luck.