Panic button, Passengers’ Insurance Among the New Provisions for Taxis in Chandigarh

The UT administration has formulated and approved a new policy that takes complete care of passenger security and comfort riding web-based taxis in UT Chandigarh.

As per the new provisions:

  • Panic Button: Mandatory installation of panic button in every car that will be linked with police control room. Also, if a driver tries to tamper with it, an alert will be sounded to PCR.
  • Cashless Insurance Cover to Passengers: All cars with commercial vehicle insurance must cover passengers too. The taxi aggregator will arrange for cashless treatment of the occupants, including driver, if the vehicle meets with an accident.
  • CNG engines only: Cabs with compressed natural gas (CNG) engines will be allowed only.
  • No more older cabs: Cabs lesser than five years old will be allowed.
  • TAXI: The word “taxi” must be clearly displayed in yellow-colour in all cars.
  • Must have GPS and mobile-charger point for passengers.
  • Quarterly fee: Cabs from Punjab and Haryana entering Chandigarh to pay ₹1,000 quarterly fee to UT administration.
  • Change in Cab Fare: No change in fare without giving a 30-day notice in advance to state transport authority (STA).
  • Driver’s Information: A clear picture of the driver and a picture or description of the vehicle and other details are to be sent to the passenger via on-demand technology for verification purpose.
  • Location sharing feature (with atleast two persons) in mobile app. 
  • Complaints & Grievances On a passenger’s written complaint via e-mail with reasonable allegations against the driver, the latter should be suspended pending investigation.


With more than 6,000 web-based taxis running on UT roads, Ola and Uber being the prime, the policy was long awaited. 


Source: Hindustan Times

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