Hold Your Breath, The Gorgeous, Dhak, Chandigarh State Flower Is Coming Back

Dhak flower, also known as Palash, is going to be more visible around its own home, Chandigarh. 

The municipal corporation (MC) Chandigarh has decided to plant 150-200 saplings of the dhak tree this financial year. 

Recently, the resplendent Palash could rarely be spotted in Chandigarh. It’s number has been dwindling which had become major concern among nature lovers and conservationists. Since Chandigarh is known to be the original abode of the flower, the steps to bring it back were more than necessary. Palash was declared the state flower of Chandigarh in 2009. 

The palash tree is not planted on the roadside because is trunk is weak and it tends to tilt on one side, roadsides are not the best option to plant them. Also most boulevards and areas lining main roads in the city already have their share of green cover, the MC has planned to plant palash trees in green belts and neighbourhood parks. 

This means Palash is coming close to our homes and we can enjoy its glory right through our window.



Source: Times of India