Solution for Flying During Foggy Days Not Seen Until 2019

Chandigarh airport fog

As fog paves its way into the Tricity, it has started to mess up with the normal schedule of the people. Two flights were cancelled and six were delayed. Even a Chandigarh-Bangkok flight was among the cancelled flights.

Despite the construction of the new terminal (worth Rs. 1400 Cr.) in 2015, there is no navigation system to guide flights in bitter winter conditions. This situation will remain as such till 2019.

Why is There Such a Problem on the Airport?

The airport has a basic CAT-I(B) Instrument Landing System(ILS). This equipment does not allow landing if the visibility drops below 1000 metres. CAT-II will allow landing even if the visibility drops to 350 metres. This system is currently being installed in the Chandigarh Airport.

The best equipment for the airport to function in all kinds of weathers is the CAT – III(B) ILS. This can operate even if the visibility drops to 50 metres.

While the lengthening of the airport will be completed until late 2018, the landing equipment will not be installed until 2019.

News Source: The Indian Express

Image Credits: Google Images