New Year’s Eve Parties in Chandigarh Come Under DC Orders’ Lens. Parties to End at Midnight


City hoteliers and party goers are bawling out over New Year’s eve restrictions by Chandigarh DC. The Deputy Commissioner has imposed restraining orders for party venues during New year’s eve.

What the UT Chandigarh DC Order Reads?

  1. Restaurants, discotheques and clubs cannot operate after 12 midnight.
  2. All celebrations involving playing of music and performance by bands have to conclude by 12 am.
  3. Serving of liquor is allowed till 1 am. (DC order doesnot stop serving liquor till 1 am. It is the excise policy that decides the timings. Serving of liquor is allowed till 1 am provided the establishment has the requisite licence.)
  4. Any breach of this order will invite action under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code. Disobeying a public servant’s order can lead to simple imprisonment of up to one month, and in case it causes danger to human life, health or safety, the term may be extended to six months.

What’s the rationale behind the restrictions?


The DC has maintained in his order that they are required to maintain peace and tranquility at late night.

Hoteliers are unhappy with the restrictions

Local hoteliers and the party goers are discontented over the issue.

MPS Chawla, the president of the Chandigarh Industrial Association feels that parties should be allowed till 2 am, providing all security arrangements. He said,”The orders of the UT administration are not in the right spirit. How can the parties stop all of a sudden at midnight when people actually start celebrating?”

“We understand the administration’s reasoning behind the orders, but people should be allowed to enjoy the occasion in a well-guarded atmosphere,” said a restaurant owner in Sector 26.

General Secretary of Chandigarh Hotels and Restaurant Association (CHRA), Gurvinder Juneja, said that they will request the DC for extension in timings.

Timings will Not be Extended: UT DC 

Ajit Balaji Doshi,UT Deputy Commissioner, however, has said that the order has been issued as per the prevailing policy. Timings will not be extended at any cost. The restrictions in the order have been justified by stating that peace and tranquility should be maintained at late night.

The local hospitality industry has already faced huge losses due to the 5-month liquor ban.

Panchkula and Mohali Administration Yet to Take A Call on Restrictions

Panchkula and Mohali administration are yet to declare any sort of restrictions on New Year’s eve. Both will take the decision on Thursday.

(News Source – HT Chandigarh)

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