Petty Argument Over Swing & Man Was Stabbed Multiple Times in Sector 39 Chandigarh

Chandigarh has always been a peace loving city. However, there are some miscreants who pop up time
and again and disturb the calm of Chandigarh. But what happened in Sector 39 on Thursday was beyond imagination. Two residents of a posh sector argued and one stabbed the other.

What did actually happen that led to stabbing?

Inderjit Singh Dhillon, a resident of Sector – 39, stabbed the victim, Gurmeet Singh multiple times over a
verbal spat.

The reason?

This argument began when Gurmeet was installing swings in the local park. Gurmeeet, who heads the
residential body in the area, was providing directions to the MC Employees for the installation. Dhillon
then arrived at the spot and asked them set up the swings in the opposite corner.

When Gurmeet objected to Dhillon’s perspective, a heated argument broke out between them. Things
took a nasty turn when Dhillon, a Sikh, seized his Kirpan, stabbed him with his kirpan.
The victim was then rushed to Government Multi Speciality Hospital in Sector – 16. The accused on the
other hand, was apprehended and handed over to the police.

Victim’s Kin Allege Foul Play

The victim’s relatives are however alleging the police of foul play in the investigation. Sudershan Singh, a kin of the injured has stated that the charges on the accused are minor ones, owing to political pressure from Dhillon’s side.

SHO of Sector – 39 Police Station, Inspector Surinder Singh has reported that investigation is underway.
The accused has been booked under Section 324 of IPC. The victim is reported to be stable as of now. 

Could The Scuffle Have Been Averted?

If only the people involved had dealt with the situation maturely, checked their temper from flaring up, this hazardous outcome could have been easily avoided. 
All that can be said about this is ‘control your anger, before it controls you.’


Source: The Indian Express

Image source: Google Images