Life Imprisonment For Both The Uncles Who Raped 10-yr Old

10 year girl raped chandigarh

The two uncles who had raped their 10-year old niece have received life imprisonment until death. The whole world was waiting for final verdict on the case. Finally, a fast track court announced the sentence for the two culprits who had sexually abused and impregnated the minor girl.
The girl could not go for an abortion as the Supreme Court rejected her plea on medical grounds. India’s anti-abortion law prohibits termination of fetuses older than 20 weeks. She delivered a child in August.

It Was A Rarest Of The Rare Cases

The prosecution had requested for a life term, labeling the case as ‘rarest of rare’ as the men had breached the trust of the girl and the family. The defence pleaded for mercy stating that the convicts were the sole breadwinners for the family.

How The Investigations Proceeded

After the girl was found to be pregnant, investigations were initiated for the case. The victim accused one of her mother’s cousins, a guard in a local hotel and a father of three children. He was arrested. But, there was another twist in the case.

A Shocking Revelation Became A Roadblock For The Case

The investigation had almost come to a dead end when the DNA of the uncle did not match with the newly-born child. A fortnight later, the case was cracked, when the accused’s younger brother was arrested. DNA tests revealed that he was the father of the child.

The older of the uncles broke down after the pronouncement of the verdict.

The case has had a satisfactory outcome. We hope that this verdict comes as a death knell to such sexual offenders.

News Source – Hindustan Times


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