Isolated and Locked for 6 Months By Mother, 4-year-old Girl Finally Rescued in Chandigarh

A disturbing news reached the Child Welfare Committee, Chandigarh, that sprung them in action to save innocent child from atrocity, but what they found, they themselves were not prepared it.

A four-year-old girl was isolated, locked and held in captivity in a dingy small room allegedly by her own mother for over six months in Kajheri, Sector 52.  

The Child Welfare Committee team received a call on child helpline number (1098) from a woman that her daughter is being harassed, but the team failed to locate the house earlier as she did not respond to calls, but later on she again called and the police and the team traced the building. 

The team were shocked to see the pathetic condition of the girl.

The parents of the girl have been divorced but the wife was still staying under his guardianship but he was not allowed to meet his daughter.

The director of Child Helpline, Chandigarh chapter, Lt Col Ravi Bedi, said, “The woman appeared to have hallucinations that all were against her and that they were intent on causing harm to the girl, who she kept in a small dingy room in total isolation. Apparently, she had filed an FIR about two years back, against her husband for allegedly abusing the girl, but since nothing could be proved, he was let off.”

Inspector Naseeb Singh, SHO of Sector 36 police station, said, “We lodged a DDR and assisted Child Helpline members to shift the woman to the psychiatric department in GMCH, Sector 32. The four-year old daughter of the woman was shifted to a shelter home under the supervision of Child Welfare Committee.”

The girl has now been shifted to a shelter home, while the woman has been admitted to the psychiatric department at GMCH, Sector 32.


Source: The Indian Express

Image Credits: Google Images