Insanely Weird Yet Creative Water Tanks In And Around Chandigarh. What Say?

What’s in a water tank? That which we call a water tank is just used to fill water.

Is that what you think when you see a water tank?  This is certainly not the case in and around Chandigarh. Creativity knows no bounds and it only needs a medium to express itself; even if it is just a water tank.

The people of Punjab know how to create an impression, oh yes. And that’s not limited to vibrant dresses. Even the rooftop water tank create a statement. It becomes so significant in our daily lives, that we start treating them as landmarks.

You will notice such rooftop water reserves in the rural areas, but there are certainly some remarkable ones in the city as well. In most of the cases, the owner of a house chooses a mascot/motif to which he/she can relate to.

So, what are the most epic examples of creative water tanks? Let’s have a look at some of the –

Football Shootball Hai Rabba – The Football Water Tanki


Hockey, gulli-danda are our sports, but we are global desi; how can Punjab miss out on soccer? Must have been in a sporty mood when the water tank was being built.

Hic Hic Hurray – The Suraahi wali Tanki


Well, what can I say, the winters in Punjab are a bit chilly. The owner of the house certainly must be in high spirits – all the time.

Mein Nikla Cruise Te – The Ship Water Tanki

A true Punjabi would certainly understand the emotion behind this one. After all, travelling is in his/her blood. So why not in your own personal yacht/cruise-liner (pun intended)?

 Chal Mere Ghode – The Horse Water Tanki


Horse-riding is another thing that is dear to the people of Punjab. For some, mounting a saddle is akin to having bread with butter. So why not mount the mascot over the roof top? That would add tons of tashan of the blissful abode.

Jattan De Tractor Jatta De Jahaj Ne – The Tractor Tanki

‘Coz farming is in their blood.

Every modest Punjabi has his roots deep in the land. They have toiled to reap gold from the lands of Punjab. No wonder, Punjab has made a reputation for itself by being the wheat bowl of the country. So why not flaunt the trusted tractor over your roof as well?

 Fauji Putt Desh De – The Tank Waali Tanki

Punjabis live for the nation, and laid down their lives for their country. This water tank must have been constructed by a hardcore patriot. Hats off to such a passionate countryman!

 The Falcon/Baaz Water Tanki


One of the mascots of Sikh religion, you will find it atop a lot of houses in and around Chandigarh. Needless to say, there are a lot spiritual people in Punjab and want The Almighty to bestow his blessings all the time. So, why not have a water tank in His name?

Maan, shaan te pyaar- The Truck Water tank


Putt jattan de, draver truckan de!

Truck is not just their ride but their means of livelihood, their companion on their long arduous journeys, their pride. Flaunting it on their rooftop is but obvious for them.

A personal aircraft- Jahaaj wali tanki

Punjabis love for going abroad is world famous. Caneda, Australia, London, US, go to any country, you’ll find an Indian that too a Punjabi for sure!


Seen even better water tanks? Do mention about them in the comments below.



  1. when I seen the rooftop water tank in Chandigarh city. I am sating in Bharatpur in Rajasthan. thought I will create the rooftop water tank on my home roof. so please provide me mobile no of water tank manufacture person.

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