Haryana Launches ‘Operation Durga’ to Nab Road-side Romeos. Panchkula Girls Rejoice

Lashing back on road-side romeos and ensure women safety, Haryana government has launched ‘Operation Durga’. 

What is ‘Operation Durga’?

  • Haryana CM formed 24 teams of police officers including women cops too. 
  • The teams will patrol around the city, scanning roads, public places such as schools, colleges, bus stands and railway stations, to catch people indulging in eve teasing and women harassment.
  • The teams comprise of nine Sub-inspectors of Police including woman personnel, 14 Assistant Sub-inspectors, six Head Constables and 13 constables, besides other police officers from each district.

Idea Behind ‘Operation Durga’

  • UP government recently launched a similar team ‘anti-romeo squad’ to check crimes against women in the state.
  • Though there are women police stations in all districts,but women hesitate in reporting such incidents to police and suffer silently. All this emboldens the anti-social elements indulging in eve teasing, harassing, passing vulgar comments, stalking and other such activities.


Source: NDTV