Everything You MUST Know About Treating Dog Bites in Chandigarh

Tricity is living under terror spread by dogs here. Every rising sun, we find 15-20 reported cases of dog bites in the newspaper and most worrying part is children are the innocent victims in most of the cases. 

MC Chandigarh is trying its bit to nip the problem in the bud, but it does not absolve us from the responsibility to educate ourselves about how to deal with the situation if anyone is dog bitten. 


  • In India, there are about 17.4 million dog bits and 20,565 death because of rabies. Out of them 50% victims are children.

  • WHO targets Dog transmitted Rabies control completely by 2030. 

  • World Rabies Day: 28th September


How To Predict Dog Bites
How To Predict Dog Bites


Things to Care:


  • Place a clean towel over the injury to stop any bleeding.
  • Wash the wound for 10 minutes with soap and water.
  • Get medical assistance.


  • In Chandigarh, presently rabies vaccine and serum is being given in Govt. dispensaries of Sector 19 and Sector 38. So patients can be referred there.
  • In Chandigarh, since Aug. 2016 vaccination has been given in intra-dermal schedule (2,2,2,0,2 on D-0,3,7,28) in both deltoids.
  • In these dispensaries, patient has to pay Rs 100/- for the each dose of vaccine and Rs 50/- for equine serum, there. Human serum is not given there.
  • Even if dog survives for 10 days, patient should be asked to take one more dose at 28 days. So that it becomes a preexposure prophylaxis for life.
  • Families having dogs and children should be asked to get preexposure prophylaxis for their children (0,7,28); then after any bite only 2 dose (0,3) needed and no RIG (IAP recommendation).
  • Antibody positivity in CSF always means Rabies. But antibodies in serum could be because of previous vaccination also. So in previously vaccinated humans, you need to have two samples at the interval of 7-10 days to show rising titers, to say, it is rabies infection. Positivity of any of these tests proves the diagnosis of rabies. But negative tests don’t rule out Rabies.


  • Dog population in Chandigarh is around 13000 to 14000. The human to dog ratio here is 100:1 which is quite low if compared to other parts of India where this ratio is 40:1.
  • STERILIZATION OF STREET DOGS: Since 2015, Municipal Corporation Chandigarh has been sterilizing dogs here. Daily around 5-8 dogs are being sterilized. It is done by an NGO from Mumbai. With sterilization, one dose of vaccine is also given to them before leaving them back in community.
  • BENEFITS OF STERILIZATION: In addition to keeping the dog population under control, Sterilization will help in long run lead to decreased aggression among dogs, as well. Sterilized dogs are given one nick (mark) in ear, so that they can be identified. (Till now, 60% of dogs in Chandigarh are already sterilized and >17000 doses of vaccines to dogs have been given)


  • 1st dose: At 3 months of age
    2nd dose: At 6 months of age
    After that, one dose every year
  • Since most of pet owners are not aware about annual vaccination, it is difficult to trust dog’s vaccinations history. As a rule, post exposure prophylaxis is advised, whenever required, irrespective of previous dog’s vaccination records/history.

MC Chandigarh has created a Helpline for cases of dog bites. If you find any problem related to dog’s behaviour, vaccination or sterilization; do contact their number 9915711485.