Heard Of Pink Eye? Take Precautions; It’s Spreading In Chandigarh

If swine-flu virus (H1N1) was not enough to give the city residents sleepless nights and keeping doctors on attacking mode, there’s another highly contagious virus which is becoming a grave health concern now.

Pink eye or viral conjunctivitis is highly contagious eye infection that is rampant in the current high humidity.

Though its causing agents, the adenoviruses, is alive all through the year, the dampness helps it to proliferate.


It is an inflammation of the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is the thin clear tissue that lies over the white part of the eye and lines the inside of the eyelid.

The virus responsible for it is airborne which spreads through sneezing and coughing. Viral conjunctivitis also can accompany common viral upper respiratory infections such as measles, the flu or the common cold.

Viral conjunctivitis usually produces a watery discharge. Typically the infection starts in one eye and quickly spreads to the other eye.

Unlike with bacterial infections, antibiotics will not work against viruses. No eye drops or ointments are effective against the common viruses that cause viral conjunctivitis. But viral conjunctivitis is self-limited, which means it will go away by itself after a short time.

Typically with viral conjunctivitis, the third through the fifth days are the worst. After that, eyes begin to improve on their own.


Watery and itchy eyes

Sensitivity to light.

Swollen eyes


  • Avoid touching eyes
  • Never share personal items such as washcloths, hand towels or tissues.
  • Avoid handshake
  • Never (EVER) share your color contact lenses or special effect contacts with friends.
  • Regular hand wash and maintaining personal hygiene. Keep a hand disinfectant (e.g., Purell) handy and use it frequently.
  • If you wear contact lenses, you should throw away contacts worn while you have pinkeye and wear glasses. Same for makeup.
  • When swimming, wear swim goggles to protect yourself from bacteria and other microorganisms in the water that can cause conjunctivitis.
  • Before showering, using a hot tub or being in water of any kind, remove your contact lenses to avoid trapping bacteria between your eyes and the lenses.


Self-medication can mess up the case. See a doctor within 10 days of healing to avoid scarring of the cornea.


Source: Times of India

Image Source: Google Images