Event Alert | Chandigarh Theatre Festival 2017

Theatre has always been an integral part of the culture of Chandigarh. Numerous theatre groups flourish in the city, and many theatre festivals, events, and shows are held throughout the year. It only gives us the ‘feel-good’ vibes to know that the Chandigarh administration always goes out of its way to sponsor and organize big theatre events!

The UT Department of Cultural Affairs in association with the Tagore Theatre Society will be organizing this year’s edition of Chandigarh Theatre Festival on May 26-27-28 at the Tagore Theatre. The three-day festival will see three theatrical masterpieces, featuring some of the finest artists.

What will you get to witness?

The Chandigarh Theater Festival is of that league of theatrical events, which each and every theatre lover of the tricity looks forward to. The festival is the biggest celebration of the art of theater in the city and brings together some of the finest artists from across the country.

  1. Play : Tota Maina Ki Kahani (May 26, 2017)’Tota Maina Ki Kahani’ is a comedy play featuring seasoned actors like Himani Shivpuri, Mahesh Thakur, Gaurav Singh and Liliput Faruqui. The popular play is written by  Sanjay Jha and directed by Toshar Joshi.Gaurav and Kajal fell in love at first sight and marry, but it didn’t take them much time into Tom – ‘tota’ and jerry – ‘maina’. Champak chacha is their neighbor and a father figure. he is sweet, jovial and full of life. Sometimes, he is troublesome for Gaurav because he knows about their marital problems.Starring: Himani Shivpuri, Liliput
  2. Play : Anjam-e-Gulistan Kya Hoga? (May 27, 2017)Anjab-e-Gulistan Kya Hoga? is a Hindi play that represents the current system of corruption. It shows the pain of the common man and how the high command officers exploit his rights. Governing Bodies and lawmakers, officials and Bureaucrats have been called ‘owls’ by the writer, in this corrupt system. Starring: Dharamveer Bharti
  3. Play : Tulsi (May 26, 2017)’Goswami Tulsidas’ is a mono act musical play written, composed, acted and directed by Shekhar Sen. The play depicts the entire life sketch of the saint poet Goswami Tulsidas of the medieval period. the plous soul of Goswami Tulsidas comes on earth for a day and tells his own story – the story of how an orphan beggar boy becomes the greatest poet of India.Starring: Shekhar Sen

It’s for the first time that the organizers have decided to have the shows ‘ticketed’. Yes, the festival had been a ‘free entry’ event till last year. Actually, it’s a good move! Such classical plays deserve a price tag. Moreover, it’s about respecting the art and the artist. It must be the best feeling when the audience buys tickets to witness your show!

So, when are you buying your tickets?




Dates: May 26-27-28, 2017

Time: 6:30 pm onwards, each day

Venue: Tagore Theatre, Sector 18

Tickets: Rs. 100/200

Buy at: www.tagoretheatrechd.org

Chandigarh, see you there!