Elante Mall is Making Grandparents’ Day ‘A GRAND DATE’

elante mall

While grandparents pamper their grandchildren throughout the year, Elante Mall, has taken the International Grandparents’ Day as an opportunity to pamper grandparents by setting aside “A Grand Date” for them in a heart-warming gesture.

In a one-of-its-kind celebrations on Grandparents’ Day on Sunday, Elante Mall will go all out to make grandparents feel special by holding a special cake-cutting ceremony for them and their grandchildren, which will be followed by fun games at Smaash and a lavish lunch.

Social Media Contest “#AGrandDate”

To add to the excitement, Elante Mall has introduced a social media contest, where grandchildren have been invited to share pictures with their grandparents and the youngsters posting the best pictures, along with captions on why they would like to take their grandparents out on a date, will stand a chance to win “#AGrandDate” with them at Elante.


The cake-cutting ceremony will be followed by some fun games at Smaaash on the third floor of Elante with special prizes reserved for the winners, after which grandparents and their grandkids will have lunch together in the Food Court to make the occasion truly memorable.