Come March 29, Goa, Chennai, Patna Amongst New Direct Connectivity Flights From Chandigarh

Come summer and the city will have direct air connectivity to picturesque destinations in the country. These are namely Goa, Patna, Surat, and Chennai.

The summer flight schedule will be enforced at Chandigarh International Airport on March 29.

Indigo To Operate 29 Flights

In all, there are 64 flights proposed in the summer schedule. Indigo is likely to operate 29 flights to Goa, Chennai, Surat, and Patna. The one to Goa will take off after midnight. 24×7 operations became a reality in April 2019.

  • Chandigarh to Goa: Indigo flight (6E-6147) will arrive at Chandigarh from Bengaluru at 11 pm and the same flight (6E-6144) will depart to Goa at 12.40 am.
  • Goa to Chandigarh: Indigo flight (6E-6137) will arrive at Chandigarh from Goa at 6.40 am and will depart for Ahmedabad from Chandigarh at 8.10 am.
  • Chandigarh – Surat: GoAir flight (G8-814) will arrive at Chandigarh from Goa at 9.45 am and will depart for Surat (G8-815) at 10.15 am.

Chandigarh – Patna: Welcoming the direct flight to Patna, city residents will also get connectivity to the holy city. It was a long-pending demand, as Patna Sahib is the birthplace of Guru Gobind Singh.

Indigo is going to operate two flights between Chandigarh and Patna from March 30.

  • The first flight (6E-6141) will arrive from Ahmedabad at 11.35 am and then depart for Patna (6E-6148) at 12.05 pm.
  • The second flight (6E-6926) will arrive from Patna at 6.35 am and will resume its return journey at 7.05 pm.
  • Chandigarh – Chennai: Indigo will also provide direct connectivity between Chandigarh and Chennai. Flight (6E-8052/8053) will arrive at Chandigarh at 1.30 pm and depart for Chennai at 2 pm.

Besides this, Air India, Air Vistara, GoAir, and Air Asia airlines will connect to several other destinations of India.

Chandigarh – Dubai flight to resume from February 15

Meanwhile, Indigo airlines are all set to resume its Dubai flight from February 15. Citing cancellations and delays due to poor visibility, the flight was suspended from December 14 onwards.

Delayed Arrivals

Air India Mumbai-Chandigarh2.30 hours
Air India Delhi-Chandigarh1.30 hours
Air India Dharamshala-Chandigarh1.30 hours
GoAirAhmedabad-Chandigarh1.30 hours
IndigoBangalore-Chandigarh1 hour
AirAsiaBangalore-Chandigarh 1.30 hours
VistaraDelhi-Chandigarh 1 hour
IndigoMumbai-Chandigarh 2 hours

No Screening For Coronavirus Here

As per a spokesperson of the Chandigarh International Airport, travellers are not being screened for coronavirus. In the absence of international connectivity, no need to do so has been felt. However, many international airports are thermal screening passengers from China and Southeast Asia as a precautionary measure. Those arriving at airports like Delhi and Mumbai are being scanned before boarding flights to Chandigarh. Thus, the airport was safe.

News Source: Times of India

Image Source: Google Images