Chandigarh Sees 7,283 Traffic Rules Violators in 14 days With Rs 16 Lakh Fine

The Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019 came into effect on September 1. Since its implementation, as many as 7,283 motorists were challaned in 14 days. The Chandigarh Traffic Police has claimed to have collected Rs 16.85 lakh as a penalty.

Various Traffic Offences

As per the data, challans were issued for not adhering to the following traffic rules:

  • Helmetless Riding: Maximum fines were levied for not wearing helmets. A total of 2,310 riders including pillion riders come under this category. Among these, 949 were women.
  • On or crossing Zebra Crossing: The second most common violation was revealed to be crossing the zebra mark. 716 motorists were fined for the offence.
  • Not wearing seatbelt: 348 drivers and front-seat co-passengers were caught for not wearing seat belts.
  • Wrong Parking: More than 379 four-wheelers were clamped for wrong parking. Moreover, 388 vehicles were fined or towed from ‘No Parking’ zones. 148 challans were issued for using black films on cars.
  • Minors’ driving: Car owners have also been challaned for handing over the vehicle to minors. The underage driving penalty is ₹ 25,000.

Stringent action against erring cops

In a rare incident, three cops have been dismissed for allegedly taking bribes from motorists for not challaning them.

Action Against DSP

Shiv Nath, a resident of Sarangpur alleged that DSP Sondhi allegedly thrashed him as his wife was not wearing a helmet while riding pillion with him. SSP Traffic initiated disciplinary action against the DSP Central Division SPS Sondhi. He issued a displeasure memo for allegedly thrashing the PGI nursing staff member. The incident took place in Sector 22 on Saturday. Shiv Nath was riding along with his wife and two sons.

News Source: Times of India

Image Source: Google Images