Chandigarh | Remember Speed Radar Signboards? Well, They Are Back To Nab Speedsters

In 2018, high-tech automatic speed sensor digital display board installed at Sector 9-10 road in Chandigarh created quite a buzz in the city. Though installed on trial basis, the initiative was well-appreciated as the signboard shows speed, alerts when cross permissible speed limit, click pictures and guess what? sends the over-speeding vehicle’s picture to officer and the driver gets challaned. So NO COPS in sight does not mean go wild. This Boss is watching you!

Now, after a successful trial for over one and a half years, these radar speed signboards will be installed on accident-prone stretches in Chandigarh.

Chandigarh traffic police have purchased six high-tech speed radar camera systems at a cost of Rs 12.59 lakh for easy detection of vehicles violating traffic rules. One board along with a battery, a control unit and digital camera costs ₹1.77 lakh.

How does the speed radar function?

The radar speed display boards were tested in the city in March 2018.

  • Powered by radar technology, these interactive signboards display the speed of the approaching motorists.
  • It reads ‘slow down’ when the speed crosses the prescribed speed limit.
  • Equipped with night vision technology too, they can work in dark, fog and rain.
  • Camera mounted on it records the proof of the speed of approaching vehicles
  • When the speed crosses the permissible limit a white light will blink on the screen to alert the driver about the speed.
  • It can be more than 80 metres, giving a moment to motorists to slow down. As a vehicle crosses the radar at high speed, the board will blink sharp white light.

About Issuing Challans

In the first phase, no challan was issued for over-speeding but now in second phase, the decision of issuing challans based on information from these signboards is to be taken.

Speed Limits

Four-wheelers (km per hour) Two-wheelers (km per hour)
Madhya Marg (six-lane roads)60 45
Udyog Marg (four-lane roads)5045

As per the road accident analysis wing of the Chandigarh traffic police, 65 percent of fatal road accidents were reported until November 10, 2019. The reason was high-speed motor vehicles in the case of Chandigarh.

News Source: The Indian Express

Image Source: Google Images