Chandigarh Railway Station Becoming Inclusive And Accessible For Visually Impaired Too

In our country, accessibility in public places is still a distant dream for those with disabilities. Thus, travelling gets difficult.

To help visually impaired passengers to travel independently, Chandigarh’s railway station is set to join hands with an NGO to make a difference. Anuprayas, Bengaluru-based, is sensitizing people about disabilities. They are promoting accessibility at railway stations so that visually impaired people can travel independently. Along with Northern Railways, Anuprayaas will start working on the project around November 20.

As per reports from Hindustan Times, the project will be completed within three months. According to an official spokesperson from the Indian Railways, currently, the Indian Railway Station Development Corporation (IRSDC) is managing facilities at the city railway station.

About The Project

Some facts you should definitely know about North India’s first and country’s fourth visually impaired-friendly railway station:

  • Pancham Cajla, Founder, who hails from Chandigarh, said that the station will have platform numbers, train itinerary signs, and other signages written on a tactile map in Braille.
Source: Yahoo
  • The tactile map will indicate the layout of the station as well as distances to utilities like toilets, staircases, and platforms will be scripted on embossed paper.
  • These signboards are fixed. They will not give real-time information as compared to electronic boards.
  • Braille labels for amenities like waiting rooms, washrooms, and shops are also being planned.

Travel Independently

As per Murali Manohar, who is a visually-impaired professor at a government college in Chandigarh, the visually-impaired have always had a problem of travelling on their own. They must be escorted at all times. But this initiative will encourage and facilitate travelling independently by such people.

Murali added that all railway stations and bus stands nationwide should be equipped with facilities favourable for the visually-impaired.

News Source: Hindustan Times

Image Source: Google Images