Chandigarh| Now, No More Temporary Numbers For New Cars

What’s Amazing

The Chandigarh Administration is all set to start a dealer point registration facility after August 15 for getting vehicle registration numbers. As per sources, VP Singh Badnore, UT Administrator would inaugurate the service then. The department now wants onus to be on dealers to ensure that vehicles are being sold with registration numbers. There will be no need to stand in queues at the office of the Registering and Licensing Authority (RLA). Owners will not be required to get vehicles passed and get numbers at the RLA. Temporary numbers will not be issued for vehicles anymore.

New System Of Vehicle Registration

The following procedure will be adopted at the time of vehicle purchase:

  • Dealers will verify the documents and a permanent registration number will be allocated to car buyers.
  • A separate desk at all dealers will assist with clearing all formalities. This includes depositing road tax. Once this is paid, the RLA will issue a registration number for the vehicle.
  • Owners do not have to pay anything extra to automobile dealers for registering their vehicles.


The new system will have the following advantages:

  • Residents will now get registration numbers at vehicle dealerships without wasting time under the new system.
  • It will also ensure transparency.   
  • No need of agents who charge a hefty amount for this work.
  • According to the owner of Saluja Ford Barinder Saluja, this facility would be an advantage to both dealers and customers.

An MoU between the RLA and automobile dealers has already been signed. A stand-off between dealers and Administration due to high-security fee delayed this service. Recently, the Administration reduced it from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 1 lakh.

Vanity Numbers

Now, residents will be allowed to participate in an auction of vanity numbers before buying vehicles. They can buy vanity numbers first within the next three months, purchase a vehicle of their choice. This was not the same earlier. Presently, to participate in an auction of vanity numbers, it is mandatory to show the documents of the vehicle.

News Source: The Tribune

Image Source: Google Images