Chandigarh | Man Held Guilty of Stealing His Own Car; Fined Rs 50000

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What do you do when you find your car’s tyre clamped? Rush to the police station, right? But, here in a never-heard-before case, this man chose to change the clamped tyre and drove away with his car.

What Actually Happened?

Earlier this year in March, Fatehgarh Sahib resident, Varinder Singh, wrongly parked his car at the backside of Punjab National Bank, Sector 22-D. Chandigarh Traffic Police clamped the tyre and left a slip on the windscreen. When the policemen reached there later, they found the car missing. The accused had changed the clamped tyre and drove off. However, he was arrested at a check post by the Police under section 379 (theft) and 411 (Dishonestly receiving stolen property) of the IPC.

The district Court of Chandigarh found him guilty of knowingly stealing car from the constructive possession of the traffic police retaining it dishonestly.

What the judgment say?

The court in its judgment held that “astute adventure of the convict in removing the tyre on which clamp was put by the traffic police and to drive away the vehicle after changing the tyre, merits dissuasive and exemplary punishment. The convict who could have otherwise been paying fine only for wrong parking, committed theft of vehicle which was clamped by the traffic police.”

He was sentenced seven days imprisonment (as he had already been in jail after his arrest, more imprisonment would be given to him). The accused was however imposed with a fine of Rs 50000.

News Source: The Indian Express

Image Source: Google Images