Chandigarh | Lawyer Coins New Way To Pay Alimony To His Ex-Wife- All In Coins


Drama ensued in Punjab and Haryana high court during a divorce case hearing when the husband dragged and opened a bag full of coins worth Rs 24,600 to be paid to his ex-wife as alimony.

The divorce case is under litigation since 2015. The court had directed advocate of the Punjab and Haryana High Court to pay his wife Rs 25,000 as monthly maintenance. He came to court on Tuesday to give away the same but in denominations of Re 1 and Rs 2 coins.

“This is a new way to torture and harass me. It is a mockery of law.” 
The woman refused to buy his argument that he did not have money. She said he is a practising advocate and has high-profile clients. He also has a number of properties on his name, she said. “I am in dire need of money. Firstly, he gave the money after so many adjournments and now he has given coins. What will I do with this money? No bank will accept this,” she said.

The husband justified his move. “It’s nowhere written that the money has to be given in denomination of Rs100 or Rs 500 or Rs 2,000 notes. I have given three juniors to count the money too.” He, however, gave the rest of Rs 400 in the form of Rs 100 currency notes.

The court was adjourned till July 27 as the coins needed to be counted first.

Source: The Indian Express