Chandigarh Forest Dept Launches App to Rescue Wildlife

A commendable initiative for rescuing wildlife has been started in Chandigarh which can enable each one of us come in rescue them. Department of Forests and Wildlife, Chandigarh has launched an android app, Wildlife Rescue App, which can be downloaded from Google playstore or department website

Features & usage: 

For timely dissemination of info to the right authorities for rescuing injured & displaced animals.

• Effective for protection & boosting research for identification of vulnerable species & hotspots

• User friendly- keeping in mind the requirements of public & squad members

• Just click pic of Animal in Distress & click on submit.

• Share button ( social media like WhatsApp, Twitter, email, or Tele-calling options etc.)

• Share info directly without saving or searching the number.

• Squad will simply click, it will automatically navigate to the reported site.

Benefits of the app

• Saves time and efforts while attending the complaints as there is no need to call for address, gali no etc. 

• Shared info will have a photograph, Latitude- longitude address & time etc. for future analysis, which can be used in long term planning of subways, passages for the wildlife etc. 

• Analysis will be done for number of cases, types, sectors, complaint nature etc.

• With slight change it can be used for addressing many other Forests & Wildlife related complaint

• Data collection, monitoring & its onward study become smooth

• Data is saved for future researches.