Chandigarh | City Showroom Proudly Boasts the Creations From Burail Jail Inmates

The Chandigarh Prisons Department has decided to open a showroom in the city for the sale of a wide range of products, including sweets and furniture, made by Burail jail inmates.

Until now, the department has been marketing the sweets, snacks, sandwiches, herbal gulal and other products through an online platform.

“We are coming up with a showroom at Sector 22 here within a month, wherein all products made by inmates will be displayed,” Chandigarh Inspector General (Prisons) OP Mishra said today.

There will be separate sections for all each kind of product made by the prison inmates, he said, adding, “Once this showroom comes up, apart from the online platform, we will have physical display of goods.”

“If we get bulk orders and the demand picks up, then we can have some separate arrangements for delivery of the products,” an official said.

The IG (Prisons) said there was already a shopping complex near the jail where people can taste food items prepared by the inmates.

Asserting that that department has plans to advertise the products, he said, “Another aspect of this whole exercise is that once the convicts come out of prison, they have some kind of skill.”

Source: NDTV
Image Credits: Google Images