Chandigarh| 5-Year Jail, Stiff Fine For Violating Ban On Plastic

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Plastic bags made of non-biodegradable material and thermocol/styrofoam will be banned in Chandigarh. The draft notification issued on Wednesday by the UT Chandigarh Administrator directed against manufacturing, use, storage, sale, distribution, import and transportation of plastic. Anyone violating will be punished with imprisonment, which may extend to five years with fine up to ₹ 1 lakh or both.

As per the draft notification, onus is on wholesalers, retailers, shopkeepers or vendors.


Deputy Commissioner, officers of Department of Environment, Department of Food and Supply, and Food Safety Department of Chandigarh Health Department, SDMs, and the Municipal Corporation would coordinate on this. Also, the Member Secretary of Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee would work closely to implement the ban. Copy of the orders has been sent to all departments concerned.

News Source: Times Of India  

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  1. A nonsense step.Too dictatorial. Big corporate companies which uses multilayered plastic which is even non recyclable , companies which pollute way more air , water and land keep operating scot-free while keeping a plastic bag can end you up in jail is a huge joke.why target only small vendors , shopkeepers and public in general . If administration really cares about environment go after corporates . Plastic bag is just a scapegoat to divert attention from real environmental threats ….

  2. So easy for any implementing officer to plant a plastic bag to harass a person with threats to send him in jail and then demand bribe ….
    A move without thought.

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