Capitol Complex’s World Heritage Status Celebrations Again Put Off

Chandigarh’s Capitol Complex bagged the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage status  on July 17 last year and we still are to celebrate the incredible feat. 

Since past 7 months, the UT department of tourism has been planning the celebration and finally it was scheduled to be held on April 2, 2017. Unfortunately, it has again hit a road block.

The three-some reasons being:

  • The musical night of music maestro A R Rahman was planned, but the non-availability of dates spoiled the broth.
  • Additionally, the total estimated expenditure became off the roof with whooping Rs. 6 crore, way out of the budget.
  • For the event, the department had also invited a tender for setting up a designer stage at Capitol Complex. For this, it received bids from three firms.

Now, the UT department has no choice but to postpone it.

The next dates are not decided yet.


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