Sec 144 of CrPC Imposed| Bursting Crackers Beyond Permissible Time Slot in Tricity May Land You In Jail

This is the high time for all the cracker makers and busters. Analyzing the noise level and air quality, bursting crackers timings has now been restricted for just 3 hours — 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm in whole Tricity, as confirmed by the deputy commissioners of Mohali (Gurpreet Kaur Sapra), Chandigarh (Ajit Balaji Joshi) and Panchkula Deputy Commissioner of  Police (Manbir Singh).

Adding the time restriction, the prohibitory orders under CrPC Section 144 restricting over the bursting of crackers except on October 19 (Diwali). The orders will stay into effect before and after the Diwali till October 26.

According to the orders, no crackers bursting would be permitted before Diwali and after it till October 26. Orders come into the scene after the Punjab and Haryana High Court sent out the restricted time limit for bursting crackers.

Conditions to be noticed- 

  • Temporary licences could be issued by the office only in some restricted areas, according to UT Deputy Commissioner.
  • The noise level should not exceed the permissible limits.
  • All manufacturers will have to notify the details of the chemical contents of every firecracker box along with the affirmation that these boxes follow the norms laid down by the Department of Explosives.
  • The mentioned orders will stay into effect before and after the Diwali till October 26.

Adding to reports, Rajiv Gupta, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Chandigarh, said that while police would assure the proper implementation of the orders, the administrative teams would also check out the violations.

He also added that under Section 188 of IPC, the violators may have to face a term which can extend from one to six months or a fine of Rs 200 or Rs 1000. Till now, no case has been observed under Section 188 in the tricity.

Overall, Chandigarh UT is ensuring an eco-friendly Diwali for everyone. Let’s keep the happiness intact and think about long-term implications on environment when we fire any cracker.

Source: The Tribune

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