Avoid Excessive Workout in Masks, says Doctors as Gyms Open Today

As gyms start to reopen from today, the gym owners are preparing to keep the staff and visitors safe during this COVID pandemic. 

The government has released Unlock 3.0 guidelines keeping in mind safety and security of the people.

Sparate guidelines were issued for opening of gymnasiums and yoga institutes. Under those, wearing of masks is made mandatory in the premises, however while exercising a visor may be used. 

What do doctors say on wearing masks and safety measures in gymnasiums?

Dr. Ravi Gupta, Medical Superintendent at GMCH 32 said the purpose of a mask is to ensure safety and one has to be cautious while exercising. He further added that while exercising, one should wear both a face shield and mask.

No mask when exercising alone

According to Dr. VL Maini, if a person performs exercise in the open or alone in a room, then he/she need not wear a mask. However, when in congested places, one has to be cautious.

Avoid excessive workouts

Dr. Maini further added that people should refrain from doing excessive workouts while wearing mask.

While exercising, breathing rates can double or even quadruple. Wearing mask may put stress on lungs and affect breathing. Also, masks may become wet due to sweat if worn for a longer duration.

Maintain Social Hygiene

Dr. Surinder Kumar, pulmonologist at Paras Hospital, highlighted the importance of maintaining social hygiene. He said that one should focus more on it rather than the type of masks and needs to be careful about washing hands, coughing etiquettes and doing other things.

What safety measures are gyms going to take?

Proper ventilation 

MP Singh of Mikey’s Prime Bodies, Sector 32, told that proper ventilation will be there and air conditioners will operate in the permissible limit as set by the government. Further, he added temperature of visitors will be noted before allowing.

New technology 

Pankaj Kasrija who is the owner of Burn Gym, Sector 8 talked about Nanova Cost technology which can shield machines from virus for 3 months and he is considering getting equipment layered with it.

Proper social distancing

Majority of the gyms are planning to operate with only 30% of their equipment and gym goers may have to carry their own water bottles, towel spare shoes, etc.

Sanitizer dispensers

Sanitizer dispensers will be kept at the institutes and proper disinfection will take place.

Different batches

Proper time slots will be allotted to the gym goers and a fixed number of individuals will be allowed to exercise at a given point of time.

Source- The Indian Express, The Tribune