Shocking: Untreated Sewage Water Being Used For Farming In Zirakpur!

What’s Shocking

Farmers in Shatabgarh and Chatt village are using wastewater for irrigation. As per information, with the use of small pumps, they are lifting water from the main sewerage line which crosses through the villages. The villages on the outer edge of Zirakpur produce vegetables which are supplied to Chandigarh and Mohali and other towns like Derabassi and Zirakpur.  

‘Cleaned’ With Contaminated Water

The sight on the city roadside is also no less frightening. Vendors are washing fruits using contaminated water from a local sewerage in Zirakpur. Sources said that they have been extracting water from an underground pipeline used for flowing out residual water from a local sewage treatment plant (STP) into Ghaggar river.  

Harmful Effects

Sewerage water affects the quality of products. Consuming this produce is not only damaging health of the people, but this age old practice is also polluting the soil. Sewerage water contains heavy metals. This can permanently damage the fertility of soil and cause the land to be barren.

Though sewerage water can be treated, but it has to be first tested for use in farming activities. According to reports, the farmers must take advice of the agriculture department before using the water. Hereon, the agriculture department is looking into the matter.

So, We’re Saying

After treatment, water in village ponds may be used for irrigation purposes. But due to the presence of factories in Zirakpur, the sewerage of such an area also contains industrial waste. This might be dangerous.

In a regular practice, residents buy fruits from roadside vendors. The civic body officials and health department is responsible for the failure to check the act of these sellers. Looking at the seriousness of the matter, it should be checked and the concerned department should be directed to take serious action.