9 Ways to Celebrate Holi When You’re Away from Home

Arre pakad isko…maar maar! Dekh wo bhaag raha hai!!

Ever heard? 

No, No.. No case of assault or violence I’m talking here. It’s HOLI!

Festivals often bring great family time and you make some awesome memories together. But, sitting miles away are you wondering how should you celebrate your Holi.

Are you too wondering that what happens if you can’t make it home?

What happens if you are stuck alone in midst of different unknown people?

How does it feel when your friends upload super amazing Holi pictures with their people?

Well, though  away from home you can still celebrate Holi and have fun.

How? Lets check it out.

Go Grab Those Naughty Kids

All you people who are away from family and are living in apartments in different localities can team up with those naughty kids in your society who run errands and are always up to mischief. Play with them dance with them and also make memories with them it can really be fun for you to do something like this.

Host a Holi Party


Sitting idle on Holi can never be a great option. Take a step forward and invite your friends to celebrate Holi. Friends come directly after family does and playing Holi with them would make you all the more happy and you can strengthen your bonds with them. So invite them over and have fun.

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Go on the Streets

So gear up and and go directly into the streets and play wild Holi with all the people in the bazaars. All the major attraction points are fully packed with people celebrating Holi in the open so don’t let this opportunity go away and join them. You can also participate in the games that are organized in the Holi Fest.
Can Celebrate Holi With People Like You

If you don’t want to celebrate Holi according to the above mentioned plan then you can always gather with people like you, away from home, and working together, invite your office colleagues and make it a formal affair. You can always have some music, dance and some delicious food or a potluck lunch together.
Yes Do Attend That Society Function

hot-college-girls-playing-holi-hd-wallpapers-images (1)

Yes, do attend the function that the Society has organized. Yes, it could be boring but you’ll get loads of love from aunties of the society who will show their affection to you and will make lots of food just for you because you’re away from home. Awww sweethearts! ?
Ask Your Family To Come To You

Well if you’re a Mumma’s boy or a Daddy’s princess and you can’t think of celebrating festivals away from them, then just call them over as the sole purpose of the festivals is to bring happiness you can definitely opt out for it and this will make you feel less homesick. And yes, lots of love would be showered on you with great food cooked by Mom. Yay!!
Celebrate Holi In Your Hostel

All you guys sneaked in books this is for you, just because your exams are here which makes it impossible to go home for Holi, you can celebrate holi in your second home which is your hostel. Wake up early in the morning and play holi with all your friends. Go to their rooms individually and fill their face with gulal. This would be the best holi that can be planned as this time you wont feel homesick to such an extent but yes do remember you have exams too. Do study study folks!
Why Not A Holi Vacation?

Who said that you can’t go on a Holi Vacation? Travel is always fun and when you travel on festivals it becomes better. Yes you can visit places where Holi is popularly celebrated like Mathura, Varanasi, Gokul and can have fun by watching a culture which is different from yours. That would be fun and that would also be a unique experience all together. So pack bags people.
Treat Yourself with Good Food

If you are one of those people who doesn’t play wild Holi but want to stay with your people and have yummy food on festivals, then don’t worry we have something for you as well. Treat yourself with good food and pamper yourself with things that are made in your house on holi. Yes, you can make ghujiya, kachori and all that you like the same way it is made in your home and can celebrate your peaceful holi. So make a list and grab your ingredients.


Whatever you decide just remember that even your parents would want you to be happy on holi so just don’t waste the entire day thinking that what could have happened if you could make it home or rather sulking.

Just remember that happiness is the sole purpose so make your holi happy.

Happy Holi Folks!


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