7 Things Every Chandigarhian Has To Deal With While Braving The Monsoon

Love It Or Hate It!

Imagine when you are craving piping hot soup or steamed spicy momos, but you can’t have it because it’s raining cats and dogs and most food apps are inactive. It hurts! It gets worse because you realize you can’t step out and meet your hunger. Love it or hate it, but you can’t ignore it! You have to be equipped to battle the crazy monsoons for all this time.

The Chandigarh rains arrive in the middle/late of July. Though green trees and grass washed in a splash of water, a hint of cool air and the awesome view of the Shiwalik hills from Sukhna Lake are things to be joyful about. But, it gets annoying when it is intense. Every basic activity comes to a halt with mausam ka badalta mizaj. Chandigarh folks surely know the pain.

Here are things that happen when Chandigarh ki baarish takes over!

  • Food delivery comes to a halt

Nothing beats lip smacking food while sitting by the window and watching the raindrops fall with a rhythm of their own. What if the food delivery app refuses to load contents or shows ‘unserviceable’, all because of a heavy downpour? It damages the idea. It really does because the lowest probability is that you would venture out.   

  • Late at work becomes your reality

Explaining to your boss that it’s raining is a legit excuse to reach late at office. It does get difficult at times to convince them. Even more when one of your colleagues makes it to work on time, but you don’t. How can you possibly explain to your senior that not everyone lives close by?

Sky-high cab fares are God’s truth during this time

Of course, you can get cabs but at a price which is ten times more than what you will usually pay. Cab walon ki aish hai since you can’t help it. You have to reach work and head back home, right! Baarish mein Chandigarh mein bhagwan mil jaye, but sasti cab nahi! Chandigarh baarish ensures it to be a far cry. Some of you might have tried being a total hero and put (mental) war paint of sorts to take public transport to work. We are proud of you.

  • Brave the centralized AC

Somehow you manage to reach work, but then you have the centralized office AC to deal with. Can it get any harsher? No mercy whatsoever!

  • You carry an extra pair of clothes to work

No matter how much you avoid stepping in the puddle, you really can’t escape it. Getting drenched is also you will have to tolerate. The sticky, wet, and stinky cabs add up to the entire scenario, but you reach work somehow. It’s impossible to sit all day in those water soaked clothes. So you will need a pair of change.

  • Weekend plans become a myth

Weekend plans? Nah. Getting all dolled up and dressing up for a party is what Chandigarh peeps dread during monsoons. The rains are really unpredictable. You never know when a clear sky just starts pouring and all your programs sink!

  • Deal with frenzy warnings

Mommies in the house are fated to fret more as soon as the monsoon hits. Right after they watch those exaggerated weather reports on news channels, the first thing they do is call you. Frequent calls and messages about your ETA to home is something we all are subjected to. But then it’s good to know that you have a caring family who loves you.