5 Things To Do This Valentine's Day If You're Single!

Valentine’s Day is round the corner, again!

While all the couples are looking for gifts for their better halves, we single people are looking for ways to avoid the love that is dripping in the air.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who have someone special by their side, congratulations.

If you’re someone who just broke up or hate love in general, I’m here to tell you how to not be sulky and celebrate this Valentine’s Day!


1) Get drunk

Have vodka and hookup with a random guy from the club. Make it a valentine night to remember (Or you could just flirt with him if you can’t get rid of your ‘sanskari’ values)


2) Day out with your squad

Get roses for your single girlfriends and go shopping with them. Valentine’s Day is all about love, shower it on your favorite people.


3) Spend some ‘me’ time. 

If you’re a movie person, download some thriller movies, or if you’re a book person like me buy a Dan Brown and enjoy. Spend this day lazing around. Take a long hot bath. Go for a hair spa. Make this day about you!


4) Devote your time to a new hobby

Everyone says you’re a bad singer? Do you also develop cold feet when a song comes on? Shed all your inhibitions! This Valentine’s day, do things people stop you from doing.


5) Be an unapologetic cry baby about being single

Hang out at places where you think couples would go and disturb them. Just kidding. (I’m not, you kids better get a room)


Tell us in the comments section below how you are going to celebrate the Day of Love, 14th February.