5 Gorgeous Cafés In Chandigarh For A Perfect Date

The ravishing and enticing beauty of Chandigarh lure’s a tourists heart with a sense of solace and ease. What adds to this pacifying and leisurely place are the fascinating and enchanting cafes’s. So, one can guarantee hell of a thrilling weekend being in Chandigarh.

 Cafe JC’s

LOCATION – Sector 10, Chandigarh

TIMING – 10:00 am-11:30 pm

STAFF – Courteous 

CRAVING DONATION – Rs. 1200(approx)

CUISINE – Continental, American, north Indian, Chinese

Cafe JC’s,  is one of the finest cafes of Chandigarh. The cafe serves a casual dining with a pocket friendly Craving donation. The picturesque cafe, with prodigious artifacts and exotic culinary just leaves one’s heart awestruck. Also, the dainty cafe with jaw drop ambiance serves outdoor seating. The cafe transfers you the other world, this is all about the constant love affair with the place.

MY RECOMMENDATIONS: Food including butter chicken, lamb burger, basil ice-cream are just heart fetching and a must try.



LOCATION– Sector 7, Chandigarh

TIMING – 11:30am – 11:30 pm

STAFF – Prompt Service

CRAVING DONATION – Rs. 2,200 for two (approx)

CUISINE – Italian

Virgin courtyard is amongst the pre-eminent cafes of Chandigarh. The cafe executes a fine and luxurious dining and is wi-fi enabled. With good demeanor, big Italian cafe is quite high on budget. The splendid cafe envelops an outdoor seating plan. The place is perfect for “romantic dinner date” as soft music compliments the candle lit ambiance.  The soul of the cafe is lifted with alluring and soothing subtle scheme of colours. Also, the food is absolutely heavenly. Thus amidst the adorned ambience, ones heart feels ultimately rejuvenating.

RECOMMENDATIONS: The speciality of the cafeteria are Creme brulee, spaghetti, chicken dwetti , sangria, moctails and coffee. Thus, the food is upto the mark but a little high on budget.



LOCATION – Elante (ground floor), Chandigarh

TIMING – 11am – 12 pm

STAFF- Unmatched Hospitality

CRAVING DONATION – 1600 for two (approx)

CUISINE – American 



With casual dining Brooklyn central counters outdoor seating plan. The entrancing interior with tempting and enticing platter inspirits ones heart. The place, the feels and obviously the authentic food tried never satisfies your cravings for more and thus, it is sure to make you drool.

RECOMMENDATIONS: The culminating dishes of the cafe are Pasta, Fish, Burrito, Pancakes, Chicken, Lasagne, Chicken wings with a cup of coffee. Also, the cafe is wi-fi enabled.



LOCATION – Sector 7, Chandigarh

Timing – 11:00am – 11:30pm

STAFF – Friendly

CRAVING DONATION – Rs 1600 for two (approx)

CUISINE – Continental and Italian


Gusto kitchen and kaffe accomplishes casual dining for Appetite teasers. The place is good for people with sweet tooth. The cafe offers new cuisines, and one tends to feel dicey coming out of one’s comfort by giving the taste buds a fresh fluctuation. The food is tastier when served with bucket full of beauty. This is best experienced at Gusto Kitchen and Kaffe as cuisines are well garnished and fulfilling with intimate flavours. Thus, when you have that craving for authentic belly, head straight to Gusto Kitchen and Kaffe. Also, the warm interior’s exhilarates one’s heart.

RECOMMENDATIONS: The signature food offered here is Chicken Roulade, Pasta, Butter Chicken, Hot Chocolate and Churros.



LOCATION – Sector 34 (Toy Hotel)

TIMING – 12:30 pm- 12:30 am

CRAVING DONATION – 16,00 for two (approx) including alcohol

CUISINE – Lebanese, Continental, Chinese, North Indian 



The back room offers a melange cuisine with delectable flavours. It opens at 12:30 pm and closes at 12 midnight. The cafe has full bar available, also accomplished with wi-fi. One thing, that separates Backroom to other cafes is that it offers that cuisine that brings out the real essence of delicacies. They have vigorously worked well and curated the menu offering a huge variety of dishes. And, yes quality and quantity both. Thus, the place is satisfactory for some quick bites for a hungry stomach. Also, the Backroom cafe has perfect warm and cozy ambiance for you to devour you food. The cafe with the stimulating aroma do justice to their prices.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Dishes that tend to conquer your taste buds are onion kulcha , butter chicken, chicken tandoori, berry pulao, momos with some amazing moctails and coffee.


Do share in comments below which one’s your favourite and where are you heading next? 



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