10 Struggles Only Dog Owners Will Understand

If you reverse the alphabets, ‘Dogs are Gods’ . And they sure are.

They are loyal followers, bestfriends, great listeners.  That little wag on their tails and oh my god, those puppy eyes, can do wonders I tell you.

But mostly, they are cute as can be. Here I will describe what it is like to own a dog. First say goodbye to ‘Bathroom Privacy’. Yes. I kid you not, dogs as I mentioned earlier, are loyal follower. (I meant it quite literally)



This game is strong and familiar to most dog owners. They stare at you and make you feel guilty for not giving them, your full your time and attention .Even though just 2 minutes ago, you gave them a treat and played with them. But who can resist those puppies eyes?


2. THE ‘LET’S GO FOR A WALK’ TIME 16427798_1236247129784822_1460053831452967090_n

Ah the classic move,  done by these innocent little devils. Trust me when I tell you dogs know what time it is to go for a walk. They just instinctively know. And, they start their slightly annoying journey of letting you know, that, they know what time it is. It’s their “GOING DOWN TIME.” And when you finally agree to their adorable faces, you get up and they would sprint behind you till you put on your shoes. You know, trust issues. They need to make sure, everything is perfect and us humans don’t get distracted.



With those cute bums and smart little brains,they know exactly how to snuggle up ,enough to take over the bed.  Yes, they start from the bottom, disturbing no one, and while you are on your phone or reading your book, they move in inches, I mean quite literally. 1o minutes down the line, you’re just like, holy mother of god, they are next to your waist, cause you know, you cant let them go down now. They are snoring, and common, you cant wake up a sleeping down. GOD WOULD PUNISH YOU. HOW DARE YOU! You move aside, peasant.



AH! Don’t we all , sometimes wish, we had obedient dogs that could protect us if, you know, a burglary happens? Yeah right, its quite a reasonable thought. But training them is the toughest task. They don’t take us seriously. They roll over and they wag and they have a little smile on their face. And we’re like No, DOG! Bark!  Scare me. Go bite. GRRRRR…ROAR little fellow. But they look at you from upside down and wonder, Eh! Give me another treat plzzzzzzzzzz.



Rule no 1 of owning a dog – ‘If the dog sits on you, you cannot move.’

Rule no 2 – ‘If have doubts, refer to rule no. 1’

It’s a universal dog owner rule. I would rather die, than disturb the little angel on my lap.

6. THE FETCH GAME 16195255_1225680410841494_7721816067370901056_n

Oh this is like the oldest game in the books. I’ll tell you how, Imagine yourself going to a park on a sunny day with your dog. Yes you packed yummy lunch, before you ask me, and you spread your sheet put your basket down and  dogs already staring at you. The dog wants you to play fetch. You’re like okay, thats cool. We are out together, why not. You throw the ball far away, and then you turn around to continue removing your food. But then you hear, the huffing and puffing of your dog behind you. You turn around and he wants you to throw it again. You do without thinking, and then go back to your work. Again * huffing and puffing*, now you’re like bored.

7. THEY ARE MULTI PURPOSEFUL 16298439_1223152361094299_6038081036047963116_n

Yes honey, throw away your alarm clocks. Now onwards, licks will be your wake up call. Walking will never feel like walking again. Its more like your arms gonna come off any minute. They are the best blankets if your feeling cold and best in bed.( Literally)

8. LYING IN THE MIDDLE OF ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE16265697_1220411638035038_1538680882370788967_n

Dogs after being the ridiculously cute creatures they are, have no concept of where to sleep. For them anywhere and everywhere is a comfy place to lie down and doze off. Be it when you’re rushing around getting late for work, you’d have to hop across over them or when you’re trying to get dinner ready for your kids and they decide to lie down in the middle of the kitchen.

9. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT THEY ARE THINKING.15966235_1213429472066588_8840184801355734987_n

Picture this scenario, you had an emotional day at college, school work and you come home and youre making food for yourself and you see that little child of yours smiling and begging for a treat. You start to talk to him. You say all these sweet things like” I  don’t know what I’d do without you”,” I love you so much,” but remember, he only wants food. So give him the bloody treat lady. Hahah



Like I mentioned earlier, they are loyal followers. They follow you everywhere and after a point you get so used to it, it gets boring without them.

Lastly because they think they are awesome and that makes them more awesome.