10 Best Kept Secrets of Every Girl. And They Are Funny!

Girls are considered to be sophisticated and elegant and when they are from Chandigarh, the charm and smartness increases ten times. Yes, we are amazing but there are some weird things we do which are totally unexplainable.

Let me disclose some of the closely kept secrets of Chandigarh girls.

Girls, lay back and laugh and boys, prepare to be surprised


1) Shaving only before some special occasion

Because who would take the pain to shave/wax regularly? There’s a reason why winters are our favorite season! 


2) Going crazy stalking

Because we have all done that, stalking our ex and one hour later find our self on his best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s mother’s Instagram.


3) Looking for different ways to style our hair on YouTube and then cry seeing how perfect everyone else’s hair is.

God is really unfair to be honest!


4) Listening to music and pretending you’re in the music video.

That’s our favorite pastime. We can be a heartbroken little lady or a badass woman,depending on our moods and music.


5) Stalking pretty girls on Instagram.

How are you so pretty? How is your make up on point? Where did you get this amazing dress from? How do you party so much? (Don’t you have attendance issues in your college?) How are you so thin *Picks up chocolates to de-stress*


6) Missing long hair post a haircut session.

We have no idea why we thought short hair was a good idea.


7) Searching google for the perfect caption to your amazing new display picture.

Because it took us 1249 attempts to get that flawless picture. Everything needs to be perfect.


8) Sending screenshots to your bffs when you have a fight with your boyfriend to validate yourself.

Calling that emergency meeting because your boyfriend is acting like an absolute jerk and you need your girls to feel good again.

9) Sending screenshots to your bffs when your crush messages you.

Only your girl gang can understand how happy you are.


10)  Girls are simply the best. The most beautiful creatures on Earth, Can you disagree after seeing the picture below? 


Tell us in the comments section below which point you could relate to the most, and which points we missed out 🙂


Image Credits: Giphy.com